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What is a Business Line of Credit?

What is a Business Line of Credit.

Every business owner needs money to grow and business lines of credit are the easiest shortcut to money you will ever find.

If you missed national business credit expert, Tom Kish’s, call last Saturday about how to get more money through business credit…

Here is the whole story.

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How To Get Money That Never Reports On Your Personal Credit Report

The only way for you to be given money, use money and control money that does not report back to your personal credit report is to learn how to get money in the name of a business instead of in your own personal name.

This is as simple as registering a new business name with your secretary of state online and requesting an Employer Id Number to be sent to you. A business EIN, which is granted to all new businesses, is the only thing you need to get money for your business that does not report on your personal credit.

- Here are the ways to increase the net worth on your personal balance sheet and immediately improve your personal credit score without taking on any more debt in your own name.

The easiest way to improve your personal financial statement and increase your credit score is by using business credit properly.

Since our business lines of credit don’t report on your personal credit while you use them, you can effectively buy assets that don’t report any corresponding debt to you personally.

This means that your assets can help improve your image and your net worth, but the debt which was taken on by your business is invisible to the public.

Business lines of credit will also prevent you from doing harm to your personal credit score because you no longer need to max out your personal credit to invest or start a business.

Go to the website: EZ Business Lines

How To Move Debt Out Of Your Own Name and Increase Your Personal Credit Score

You can move debt that you currently have in your name into a business line of credit when you receive one. Just make a list of any business expenses you personally paid for that you want your business to reimburse you for. Then transfer that amount of debt off your personal credit cards and into your business line of credit.

This is NOT activity that some people call co-mingling of funds. If you personally spent money for business activity, your business must reimburse you for those expenses. And a business line of credit balance transfer from your personal credit card is a great way to do that.

This method of transferring debt out of your personal name will increasing your personal FICO credit score quickly by reducing your personal credit card balances.

Every time you are approved for one of our business lines of credit you can immediately transfer balances from your personal credit cards to your business credit cards. Your credit score will rise each time you do one of these transfers because you have removed that personal debt from your personal credit report.

Go to the website: EZ Business Lines

What types of business credit do we offer?

Our business lines of credit can be offered as a traditional loan made to your business with a fixed interest rate and a specific number of years to repay, a flexible line of credit where you access the money by checkbook and begin to pay interest only when you use it or a business credit card that offers cash wired directly into your account.

- Here is an example of our 5 best business credit lending programs and the average interest rates of each at the time of this publication.

Bank 1 – $50,000 unsecured business lines of credit. Specializing in loans to new businesses with no proven revenues. Interest rates of prime plus 4%.

Bank 2 – $35,000 unsecured business lines of credit. Offering two types of business loans including a corporate credit card with a no interest grace period.

Bank 3 – $25,000 unsecured business lines of credit with some promotional rates as low as 3.99% for the life of the loan.

Bank 4 – $40,000 unsecured business lines of credit. They have a fast 28 day approval process and offer 0% interest for the first nine months. That means that you can use this money for FREE as long as you repay it within 9 month, because there is no application fee and no back-end points charged.

Bank 5 – $50,000 reserve lines of business credit with check writing priviledges currently at 9% interest.

Go to the website: EZ Business Lines

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