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Sticking Point Solution – Review

“Nine ways to move your business from stagnation to stunning growth in tough economic times.”

I’ve found that business building is a crucial skill when you’re looking at “real estate investing”. Unless you want to “invest in real estate” the old fashioned way – buy a rental property with a down payment and your own conventional financing – you will have to learn to master business skills and building systems that are critical and characteristic of businesses as opposed to individuals.

Jay Abraham is renowned for his marketing and creative business building and joint venture skills. He has created literally billions of Dollars in revenue for businesses large and small, by uncovering ways to utilize untapped resources, making small changes to the positioning or increasing conversion of leads to customers.

Jay’s latest book, “The Sticking Point Solution“, focuses on “9 Ways to Move Your Business From Stagnation to Stunning Growth in Tough Economic Times”. And what business could use this focus more than a real estate business right now?

Real Estate Sticking Points

Sticking points in your real estate business could be the difficulties in getting financing, either for yourself or for your end buyer. It could be that you have a lot of leads coming in, but don’t have ways to turn them into deals because they don’t have equity.

The solution to most problems that your real estate business could be faced with is not necessarily in learning different tactics, but in changing the strategy for your business. In redefining your service goals, or in changing the way you look at the benefits you provide to your clients.

These are business growth strategies that you will for the most not learn from another course on how to wholesale or how to structure a specific deal in real estate, but you can learn them here from Jay Abraham.

  • Get your existing (or start-up) business going and growing rapidly
  • Don’t just survive; learn how to thrive in business during a recession

I recommend that you pre-order The Sticking Point Solution at a discount today. And through my relationship with Jay Abraham, I want to give you a special benefit – FREE access to Jay’s special bonusses, including his six-week live “Reading Room” series…

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