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Real Estate Business – Is It For You?

Please read this entire blog post
all the way through the last
link in the P.S.! I’m about
to open your eyes.

The real estate market has been in a tailspin in most areas of the country for the better part of the past 40 months. Every other week I see numbers published that suggest that we’ve reached a bottom, and that now is the best time to buy.

The nationwide recession is cautiously expected to bottom out sometime this summer. Extreme states like California are expected (cautiously) to continue the decline until at least next spring.

More default mortgages are expected to hit the foreclosure stage. These are primarily loans on higher value homes. They are not “sub-prime” but adjustable rate and “neg-am” loans that were made to folks who had excellent credit and income (at least at the time…)

You may know most of this already, but it bears repeating.

Unemployment is at a generational high right now, and there is no real sign of improvement on the horizon yet. Let me ask you a question: Where are YOU going to be 12 months from today?

I get often asked “what is the best automated real estate system to get started and make money quickly?”

The answer is, it depends on YOU!

Maybe you’ve been sold too many dreams, bought into too many programs already, and still haven’t found what you’re looking for. Trust me – you are not alone! To be successful in real estate it takes disciplined, purposeful, targeted action like you would expect from any business.

There is no “push button” for this market, no matter what the gurus are telling you. If you don’t FOLLOW the steps to create your business, you will not get one. Yes, it is extremely important to build a business using “systems” so you don’t end up trying to do everything yourself. But there is no such thing as getting a replicated web site set up, sitting by the pool, and start doing deals in a few days.

Gee, I’m sorry if I put a wet blanket on your “enthusiasm”.

You know what I’m enthusiastic about? About success!

Check out the numbers on this real-live short sale deal that we just got approved yesterday: Approved Short Sale Deal

- $165,000 in discounted debt on an accepted purchase price of $115,900.

- the lowest comparable listing is a short sale (not approved) at $180,000

But let me tell you – this did NOT happen overnight!

Talk soon,
Thomas Bartke

P.S.: 3 major breakthrough tips:

1. If you need funds for back-to-back closings, you can get them now at:
(no “pay to play”, instant approval letter, I personally stand for the performance of this lender!)

2. The best business-in-a-box system for “hands-off” short sales is at:

But you have to commit to following the steps and build YOUR business!

3. If you want to start with a low-commitment package, get “Flip for Profits” now for free (less than $10 shipping & handling)


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