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Does Hooked on Overages Work?

This follow-up video answers the top 2 questions about unclaimed overages.

As it is getting harder to pull off instant profits from real estate investing, many investors and real estate professionals have turned to other real estate related niches like loan modification, or debt negotiation to supplement cash flow and revenue.

A surprise winner in this area is the “Unclaimed Overages” business model. And the best thing is it is definitely one of the last undiscovered niches that can generate low to mid 5-figure profits per transaction.

Plus, you don’t ever need to talk with a seller, a bank, or a buyer…how is that for an extension of “no tenants, no toilets”?

So, the most burning questions focus on the claimants (the owners of the unclaimed overages): How to find them and how to get them to let you have a large chunk of their claim. Watch this video for some answers:

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