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The IndyMac – FDIC – One West Bank Short Sale Scandal

This must be one of the biggest and most scandalous eye-openers that unfold in the foreclosure crisis, which is saturated with propaganda about foreclosure rescue scams and banks’ unwillingness to work with short sale investors.

Remember this video the next time you talk to a bank, and click below to discover
how you can strike back:

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  1. Fred Bauer says:

    I don’t understand what you are upset about? Do we want to solve the crisis? If so, then someone has to pay the piper. While I agree that the $75K Promissory Note is aggregious, we (as negotiators of the short sale) have to tell the bank where to stuff the promissory note.

    We live in a socialistic country, whether we like to admit it or not. Ever since FDR, the government has “come to the rescue” in bailing out big businesses. If it stopped, we would see the worst depression in the history of this country.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  2. Albertus Diaz says:

    This is BS….No wonder the FTC, State Dept of Real Estate and State Bar investigate the little people.

  3. Albertus Diaz says:

    They are cleaning out the real advocates so that the FDIC and perform their stunt.

  4. Orlando Vera says:

    I do not know about anyone else but I am fighting back by educating myself and teaming up with those that possibly can beat the Banks at their own game.

    I have found such a person. A registered private banker who understands banking and is actually getting results in less than 90 days. He uses Bankers acceptance to purchase these notes from your lender, using the IRS and Treasury Credit to turn a profit and still be able to provide you with a new note at 25% of the original amount.

    It is adversarial it is being fine tuned and within the next 6 months are looking to be able to close in 7-10 days versus the average 60 days today.

    Unfortunately, the problems we are facing today are a result of HN or Human Nature and that will never change for the 90% of the population that lives in LA LA LAND.

    I have awaken from my sleep and hope others will to. If anyone nees any guidance drop me a line.

    Good Luck

    • Bryan Murray says:

      Orlando drop me a line at about the note acquisitions. I run a marketing division that could send you plenty of clients.

    • michelle dykstra says:

      I’d love to have the contact info of the Banker that purchases the loan from your bank and sells it back to you at 25% less. Thank you

  5. Romeo says:

    Hey Orlando…

    Love the post…love bankers acceptance too. I am interested in finding out more about it. How can I get in contact with you?


  6. Romeo says:

    I mean there are links to others with their website, if you can provide a link or site or email for others like myself to contact you. Thanks


  7. admin says:

    Thanks all for your comments! I really appreciate it.

    @Fred: “Paying the piper” is not what’s happening here. With rounded numbers, the investors who bought IndyMac’s “toxic assets” from the FDIC are getting roughly a 34% return on their investment – not counting the “promissory note” they make the borrower execute at closing. With that it’s more like a 60% return in cash and equity…

    @Orlando: thanks for sharing!

    @Romeo: I will get in touch with Orlando and see how we can get his solution to everyone. As a matter of policy and privacy protection we don’t support contact information in blog comments (other than links to your web site.)

    I have been watching what’s going on with the “Mortgage Elimination Program” at

    I’ve done business with TJ Marrs before, and I only support his program because I trust his judgment.

    The internet is full of scam reports about similar programs. My take is that it takes the right and upright person to figure out the proper work-around…


  8. [...] Big Money scams and government being in cahoots with banks makes the whole business model ludicrous and frustrating [...]

  9. cynthia says:

    I am considering TJ marrs program. I have spoken with associates and will be testing it. So far my associates have had some success early on as the lenders all stopped the sherriffs andtrustee sales. I have also dealt with a company that claims to buy the notes buld from lenders. So far no fundings. I would be interested in having Orlando contact me as I have many clients who could benefit.
    Thank you

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