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Shocking Short Sale Reports – Investors Turn

Student Housing Doug FathInvestors are turning away from short sales in droves as new reports of scary legal tactics come to light.

Many investors who have dealt in short sales over the past three to four years have unknowingly exposed themselves to prosecution as former home owners wake up to their old lenders garnishing their wages.

Of course they blame the investor who did not disclose that risk to them.

In the meantime, others are finding their investments save and cash flowing well.

Doug Fath, for example, a 28-year old real estate multi-millionaire, has made his imprint in a completely different niche, that is considered by most as one of the “scariest markets” in real estate.

After revealing what that niche is and how he has profitted from his investments, literally hundreds of comments poured in to his web site, asking for the  “secret code” to be revealed.

Doug’s “secret niche” has the potential for immediate revenue streams, as well as long term wealth building features, as market analysis reveals strong demand and stable values in this market for years to come.

In fact, it is Doug’s long term market analysis which is based on demographics and specific needs of large groups of the population that has led Doug Fath to this profitable real estate niche in the first place.

Find out more and watch Doug’s free videos, and see the hundreds of comments that were left on his web site.

Click here to get the video

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  1. brendan woirhaye says:

    Rental property is rental property. There’s no secrets in the RE business. Paints a rosy picture. Still messing with tenants no matter how you look at it

    • admin says:

      Hey Brendan:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, and believe me I’ve had more than my fair share of “messing with tenants”!

      However, this Doug guy has something he calls the “Magic Lease“, that does look like it could make a big difference.

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