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The “Real Estate Personality of the Year 2009″ is…

The “Marginally Qualified Buyer”

The “marginally qualified buyer” will be the “Real Estate Personality of the Year 2009″ for a bunch of different reasons:

  • New Buyers who are currently renting will be the only end solution for the glut of homes that are currently on the market and still flooding onto the market
  • Loan programs will be created that help more new buyers qualify
  • Home values have dropped enough to make buying affordable for new buyers
  • Monthly payments will be in the same range as rents, making it make fundamentally better to own than to rent
  • There are many more potential buyers who think they cannot qualify to buy
  • Find them, build a list of them, get them into a home that they can buy within the next 12 months and you will prosper in this market
  • Find deals that will work for them (easy)
  • Owner-finance them temporarily if necessary

Here are the bonuses that I promised you.

They will help you to associate yourself with the “Real Estate Personality of the Year 2009″:

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10-CD Set “Pre-Foreclosures & Short Sales 2.0″ Among other useful chapters, this includes an incredibly powerful CD about the “Buyers First” program and walks you through step-by-step how to find, qualify and communicate with the “Real Estate Personality of the Year 2009″

Bonus #2 (FREE)

Real Estate Flipping Machine – “4 FREE Marketing Campaigns” The 4th Marketing Campaign in this fantastic program is specifically geared towards the “Real Estate Personality of the Year 2009″. Using this campaign will put you light years ahead of the competition in locating and qualifying scores of them…

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Online Course – “Find All the Motivated Buyers You Can Handle Learn 24 creative ways of finding motivated buyers right in your own back yard…

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