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Category: commercial millions

Commercial Short Sales anyone can do…

I’d like to share with you some important information about
commercial foreclosure investing.

I know this may sound different from what you typically hear
but its true…

Contrary to what conventional wisdom might tell you,
commercial foreclosure investing is not hard if you know
what you’re doing.

For example, you know those expert insiders you see on TV or
read about in the papers or online?

Well, the truth is, anyone can do this.

These experts have simply learned ONE thing you don’t know

And that is…

How to find SWEET commercial deals.

D.C. Fawcett and Karen Hanover, two of the nation’s leading
short sale and commercial foreclosure experts, have created
the most hard-hitting video workshop I’ve ever seen, when
it comes to how to make a small fortune investing in
commercial real estate”

Watch it right now at the link below:

The strategies are very simple and you might be surprised at
how EASY they truly are.

Here’s what they’re NOT:

1. Complicated
2. Require special skills
3. Work in only specific conditions
4. Require cash or credit

Here’s what they ARE about:

1. How to find NO MONEY DOWN deals fast
2. How to uncover DIAMONDS in the rough
3. Exactly what criteria to use when searching

Go check it out:
The reason these techniques are so effective is because
they’re based on one critical thing…knowing the short cuts
to know what to do, and what NOT to do.

You see, Karen and D.C. have teamed up and are pulling back
the curtains on what could be a once in a lifetime
opportunity in the commercial foreclosure market.

And now they want to show you how easy it is.


Thomas Bartke

PS- If you ever thought commercial foreclosure investing was
hard or risky, you’ll be excited to see how EASY it is.

Go now and check out the video:

Should You Buy Commercial Millions?

Links TOC:

“This Table Of Contents is a compilation of all active links in this blog post. To put them in context, please read this entire blog post so you understand where I’m coming from with these opinions.”

“Commercial Millions” – Hype Or Hope?

A lot of people who are following this blog have been asking my opinion about Jason Gilbert’s course “Commercial Millions” – LINK.

The pitch sounds enticing: “Create Big Bucks Quickly With Commercial Real Estate Investing. NO Cash, NO Credit And NO Investing Experience Required. Works Even BETTER In Today’s Recession”.

But will it work for you?

Nothing Works Unless YOU Work It

OK, I’ve said this many times. There is always a lot of HOPE created in these types of launches. Any of the promises will only come true for YOU if you 100% commit to working whatever the system is.

But let’s take a closer look at what’s going on here. Any time “NO MONEY and NO CREDIT” is part of a program, that means that you have a system that uses OTHER PEOPLE’S resources to close the deal. From wholesaling, to short sales to lease-option strategies – NO MONEY and NO CREDIT investment strategies involve working TWO ENDS of the deal until you can benefit from it.

Playing With the Big Boys

Sure, it’s enticing when you see the big tickets on commercial deals, and you think “Hey, if I can make 10 times more money with the same amount of work per deal, why not TRY THIS?”

True, except – see what you just did? You said “TRY THIS”. TRYING stuff won’t get you results. Period.

Look at your book shelf and ask yourself what are you REALLY missing here? Is it more information on how to work yet another sub niche? Or is it information on how to COMMIT to doing SOMETHING – maybe something that you already know.

Get the FREE Stuff!?

By all means, I’m all for getting as much free information as you can, and the wide spread internet “launches” are great for that, because they really do provide a lot of good and actionable information upfront for free.

So, go ahead and get the Commercial Millions information (and decide if this is YOUR niche that you want to commit to and buy into…)

But make sure it doesn’t just distract you from working what you already know. I’m involved in a system that offers an “Asset Finder Program” that pays you (BIG BUCKS…) just for locating non-performing assets with local banks and lenders. The buyer is already in place. All you have to do is make some phone calls and get in touch with asset managers (get a list of 1000+ asset manager’s phone numbers here). How’s that for “NO MONEY and NO CREDIT?)???

What Matters Is…

…commitment to thinking AND acting like the rich do:

  1. Set Goals
  2. Set Deadlines
  3. Work Hard To Meet Them

(This BTW is one of the core business and customer relationship building strategies of Mass Control 2.0 which is an excellent investment into your business education – available on a payment plan…)

If You Had Do Choose

There is one more thing that I want to mention here. There is another “launch” coming up next month that I would personally recommend very strongly. here is why: It’s about business building strategies, not about chasing the latest niche! Brad Wozny has just released the first element of his “6-Figure Syndication” -LINK program. It’s a free report of more than 70 pages.

If you had to choose between that and Commercial Millions, I would wait. But definitely read Brad’s report BEFORE you pay for Commercial Millions…

Please comment on thsi blog post and let me know your feedback. you can also DIGG this post, or bookmark it below. Thanks for reading!

Your Friend,

Thomas Bartke