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Category: How To Flip a House

Flipping Foreclosures – The Best Gameplan

When setting out in the business of flipping foreclosures, real estate investors can pursue different strategies to maximize profits.

But how can you determine upfront which one will work best?

Among the different strategies are:

- Buying houses that need a lot of fix up work for bottom dollar, add value by fixing and resell
- Buying houses in good condition that need little work and sell either as is or after a few improvements have been made
- Buying high-end homes that have a high dollar amount of profit potential
- Buying low-end homes that have limited risk exposure

And many more…

All these strategies have a different mix of appeal, risk, competition, need for capital. I read recently on Investor’s Business Daily that the strategy to sell high is a great one, and to be able to do that the house should be nice, and in good condition when you buy it.

A quote from that article states that “Nice foreclosed properties are harder to find. The number available to foreclosed-property investors has slid 25% to 50% in the past six to eight weeks, he estimates. And competition among flippers has heated as large companies have gotten into the market to become landlords.”

This is the case in Riverside County, one of the most depressed areas in the country, second only to some counties in Florida.

Profits are waiting in each of these niches. Don’t hold yourself back thinking this or that strategy is the only one or even the best one. Choose the ne that’s most appealing to you, do some research and start moving.

What is your favorite foreclosure flipping strategy? Leave your comment below.


Gurus Secret – Wholesale Anyone?

dragon_scroll“The secret is that there is no secret”?

I don’t think so.

On the webinar that I did last night I found out that many beginning – and even some advanced – real estate investors don’t know the secret (and I’m not talking about “The Secret” here…).

It’s really not that hard, but you need to put some effort into it
for sure – otherwise you will not be successful.

Wholesalers’ Buyer is…

Let’s face it, with the economy doing what it is, and most folks strapped for cash,
credit hard to come by, and private lenders hard to convince with no track record…

You need a way to get started WITHOUT cash, WITHOUT credit, and WITHOUT experience.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that “wholesaling” is the ticket in this case.

And yet, so many get hung up on a bunch of stuff that you don’t even need as a wholesaler.

Like fuguring out how to get a hard money loan.

Or how to raise money from private lenders.

Or how to get going with bad credit…

Here’s the deal: None of that stuff MATTERS!

What DOES matter is that you figure out who your buyers are, and what they need and want.

So, I thought about it – for you…

And I came up with this idea.

A big hickup of getting started in wholesaling is the fact that you are misguided to build “buyers lists”.

But what happens when you just do that (without figuring out WHO your buyers are first) is that you build a list of a bunch of wholesalers who are in no different position to actually “buy” anything than you are.

So – at best – you have a chain of wholesalers sending around “flex options”.

And even if they’d ever get an actual deal done (because someon by accident has an actual buyer on the hook), it would translate into a $127.85 split for each wholesaler in the chain.

Now that we know who are NOT your buyers…

So then who are your “real buyers”?

The primary buyer of wholesale deals is a rehabber.

Someone who fixes up properties in order to sell them to a retail buyer as quickly as possible.

Meet Joe Rehabber

Joe is a real person – that’s what you have to think of when you figure out who you serve as a wholesaler.

But wait…

I wonder if this would be something you’d want to know more about?

If you could ask Joe Rehabber a question about his business and about his needs so you can serve him better as a wholesaler…

…what would your most burning question be?

Maybe you would like to know how to become a rehabber yourself? That would probably be something you could find out from Joe as well…

Please engage right now and leave your question for Joe in the comment section below!



How To Flip a House Using Facebook

How to Flip a House Using Facebook

So far, the results of our “weekly poll” came in in favor of wholesaling or flipping houses as being the “best opportunity” in today’s real estate market.

So, you might want to grab Jamel Gibbs’s free training video in the big “Flip For Profits Give-Away.”

Jamel Gibbs is a seasoned wholesale investor who is tapping into social media networking in order to build his lists of sellers and buyers.

In fact, in his free video he explains in detail how to use the Facebook to build a massive buyers list in no time at all. Facebook has a little known feature called “groups” that allows you to locate and contact people who have a matching interest on Facebook.

Jamel has developed this feature for his real estate flipping business and boiled it down into a simple step-by-step process that you can easily use yourself.

Stay tuned for more reports and training videos on how to flip a house. If you would like to grab the “Flip For Profit Give-Away” Video, click here <== LINK!



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