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Category: Investment

Flipping Foreclosures – The Best Gameplan

When setting out in the business of flipping foreclosures, real estate investors can pursue different strategies to maximize profits.

But how can you determine upfront which one will work best?

Among the different strategies are:

- Buying houses that need a lot of fix up work for bottom dollar, add value by fixing and resell
- Buying houses in good condition that need little work and sell either as is or after a few improvements have been made
- Buying high-end homes that have a high dollar amount of profit potential
- Buying low-end homes that have limited risk exposure

And many more…

All these strategies have a different mix of appeal, risk, competition, need for capital. I read recently on Investor’s Business Daily that the strategy to sell high is a great one, and to be able to do that the house should be nice, and in good condition when you buy it.

A quote from that article states that “Nice foreclosed properties are harder to find. The number available to foreclosed-property investors has slid 25% to 50% in the past six to eight weeks, he estimates. And competition among flippers has heated as large companies have gotten into the market to become landlords.”

This is the case in Riverside County, one of the most depressed areas in the country, second only to some counties in Florida.

Profits are waiting in each of these niches. Don’t hold yourself back thinking this or that strategy is the only one or even the best one. Choose the ne that’s most appealing to you, do some research and start moving.

What is your favorite foreclosure flipping strategy? Leave your comment below.


Wholesaling University Review And Bonus

Hi it’s Thomas Bartke with

Wholesale University Review. Than Merrill launches Wholesale University. Is it worth your attention? Watch this video to find out and get your bonus: go to when the doors open!

Here is Your Link To Wholesaling University:

I want to talk to you about Than Merill’s Wholesale University. The release date is today, meaning there will be a probably very short time frame that the doors to accept students into the Wholesale University program will be open.

Literally thousands of real estate invetors are absolutely hot over this product and its’ no wonder, because what Than has already delivered in his free training videos over the past few days is just absolutely, mindblowingly unbelievable.

He’s given you a complete crash course in Probabte deals, a complete crash course in search engine ranking, and has whoen you how to build a buyers list using a simple video and lead capture page.

So, the content that Than will deliver in the Wholesale University is going to be absolutely great – no doubt or quesiton about it.

Now, I was thinking what I could add to that or offer as a bonus for you to order through my link… and frankly, I don’t think that you NEED ANYTHING more in addition to what Than will give you. I think it’s ridiculous to tell you Wholesale University is “incomplete” and you need something that I could give you to make it work…

So, instead of doing that, here’s what I will do. If you want to get into Wholesale University, I think if anything you’ll be overwhelmed by the massive loads of content and material, and that’s where my bonus comes in.

If you use the link below I will give you unlimited cell phone access for any important questions you might have. Of course, it’s not like tech support or anything like that. It’s just when you feel hey, I’d love to run this idea or that deal or whatever it is by Thomas and see if I can get that clear in my mind – that’s what I will give you.

OK, so be sure you get in right on time – the doors open at 12PM EASTERN 9AM Pacific.

Go directly to

What is a Business Line of Credit?

What is a Business Line of Credit.

Every business owner needs money to grow and business lines of credit are the easiest shortcut to money you will ever find.

If you missed national business credit expert, Tom Kish’s, call last Saturday about how to get more money through business credit…

Here is the whole story.

Go to the website: EZ Business Lines

Real Estate Personality of the Year 2009

“Who Will be the Real Estate Personality of 2009?”

Answer: Watch the video below for my prediction… Sign in with your name and email in the box BELOW the video to get my prediction and New Years Bonuses valued at over $500!

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How to Determine Cash-Flow For Rentals

This video explains in detail how to use a parameter that is commonly used to evaluate investments in the stock market. But here you can learn how to apply this tool to income property. Looking at proeprties from a cash flow perspective helps you make a sound investment decision and eliminates confusion about values and the bad news in the media…

Note how the presenter mentions a P/E ratio of about “11″ as being a good solid cash-flow investment in Southern California. If you apply his formula to our available wholesale deal (click here), your P/E ratio will be:

$190,000 (purchase plus repairs) / $33,600 (one year rent income) = 5.64 (!!!)