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Freedomsoft Review – Who Should Buy

Freedomsoft is a new real estate business and deal management software that is being launched by Wholesale guru Preston Ely and his partner Pete “the Ninja”.

Given the wide distribution of promotional materials through a large network of affiliates, you have probably already seen and heard about Freedomsoft from different sources.

So, instead of giving you a “review” of features etc. I will give you some thoughts in this blog post to help you figure out if this program is right for you.

Freedomsoft Deal Management

Any wholesaler or real estate investor who is doing multiple deals at any given time, and more than 2 to 3 deals a month could benefit from deal management software to streamline your business.

As a rule, you will need something to keep track of all the details on the deals you juggle, otherwise you end up doing a lot more work and probably losing some deals because you can’t keep up with them.

However, if you are just starting out, and your deal vloume is still pretty low, or you haven’t even really started yet, the money you could spenc on this software would probably be beter used to get your marketing machine going and attract some more deals and buyers.

Just “Getting Ready”?

My point is, many people get all tweaked out about “getting ready” to start real estate investing.

And so many times this is just an excuse for not getting started on the things that you really need to do if you want to build a real estate investing business.

Some of the things you need to do to get started are really simple and you won’t need any kind of deal or lead management system to get them done.

It may be just the bad feeling that you get when you think about picking up that phone and introducing yourself to a rehabber in your area so you can start building a real relationship with a real buyer.

But THAT’s what you NEED to do, and no software or management system will get you any closer to it.

Already a “Big Shot Investor”

On the other hand, if you have already done a fair amount of deals, and are really looking to ramp it up…

Or, if you are just drowning in your files with short sales and wholesale deals all mixed up…

…then Freedomsoft may be a very good answer and solution for you!

This is one of those “business tools” that you should by WHEN you need it – not “IN CASE” you need it!

You can check it out at this link!

Integrity in Real Estate Investing

We often hear stories about real estate investors. How they got started, what challenges they faced, how they struggled, how they overcame their challenges and became successful.

I always wonder how authentic these stories are – particularly when they are used to “set the stage” to make a sale.The video to the right has nothing to do with real estate or with selling anything. It’s my son, Lukas, and his friend, playing there guitars in our back yard on a recent summer afternoon.

I’ve put it here to share with you some of my background and what I’m focused on when I set my goals for my business and my marketing. I hope you enjoy – hit play and keep reading!

Selling information products about real estate investing is a very lucrative business. More lucrative for some than their actual real estate investing business.

The information tends to be more or less the same, with some updates every now and then on how to make real estate investing work in a specific market, or with specific types of properties.

But by and large, the basic information is very similar. And there is nothing wrong with that. For two reasons:bookimg

1. New people come on the internet every day, and new people every day are looking into how to get started investing in real estate. They all need to learn the basics. And thanks to Google, the “love” of search engine traffic is spread around, and anyone’s chance to capture some of these real investing newbies is pretty good.

2. Different people learn differently, and the personality of the teacher can make a big difference. That’s why it’s important to present the story and approach of the teacher when you introduce a new course or information product.

The same is true from your point of view when you look for answers to your real estate investing challenges. You will be affected by the “story” that you find in and around the answers. And that’s actually a good thing!

Because very few people can build up enough motivation and commitment on their own. When you are presented with possible solutions to your challenges, you have to convince YOURSELF that this solution can actually work.

That’s only step one! The important second step is that you have to convince YOURSELF that YOU will actually take action on this solution, follow the steps outlined, and MAKE IT WORK for YOU! And the “story” plays an important role in that!

So, take this little hint from here: By far the most real estate investors fail, because they don’t take action in the first place!

If you would like to discover all the reasons Why Real Estate Investors Fail, and jump right out of your own failure trap, you can download your FREE report here <== LINK

Got an opinion or suggestion? Let me know – scroll down and leave your comment right here on this blog!

Do a Deal REO Goldminer Style

REO Gold Miner Review and Best Bonus

This is an actual, available wholesale deal!

I’m analyzing the deal for you, using the methods and numbers from REO Goldminer.

REO Gold Miner is a REO search engine that will shave off hours and hours of research when you’re looking at buying bank owned properties. Watch this REO Gold Miner review to learn about strengths and weaknesses that you can encounter. Here is the link to get the program – special bonuses available only through this link: Best Bonus Access to REO Gold Miner

1447 W 7th St #21, Upland, CA – Wholesale $79,700 – Hurry, won’t last!


What Real Estate Investors Do When Their Values/Cash Flow Plummets

What Real Estate Investors Do When Their Values/Cash Flow Plummets

Jay Abraham is not a real estate investor, per se,
although he owns some very expensive property.
But most real estate investors that he knows
(who invested in the last five years) are under
water on their home values.  Worst still, their
cash flow is negative in a bad, bad way.

Unfortunately, many — if not most — of the
ones (who’ve been trained in real estate as a
second career) are up against the proverbial rock
and hard place — financially.  They can’t sell
the property or they’d lose tens — even hundreds
of thousands of dollars most of them don’t have.

They can’t refinance their mortgages because the
land values are so low and many of these “nouveau
investors” have seen their credit rating collapse,
almost faster than the value of their properties.

Add insult to injury, many took out low-entry rate
loans that recently reset.  Even if you can rent
your property for premium rent payments, you still
end up cash-flow negative, by a huge margin, every

Do you go into foreclosure?  Do you file Bankruptcy?

Do you sell your sell your soul to…well, you know.

Frankly, the obvious options aren’t very appealing,
attractive or “doable” for most of you.

That’s why I thought you’d really be interested in
hearing a paradigm-shifting, two-hour, high-level,
discovery session that Jay Abraham was just paid
nearly $200,000 to do for a prominent group of
60,000 real estate investors — whose outlooks
and prospects looked bleak or dire.

Here’s the scoop:

Jay is a mentor/advisor to a number of prominent
investment real estate trainers.  One of the very
biggest came and asked him to come up with as many
NON-REAL ESTATE income strategies and meaningful
revenue sources a beleaguered real estate investor
could quickly, and relatively easily do — to
generate mounds-of-money, right away!

He gave Jay one more “stipulation” that made the
challenge even harder to do:  Every non-real
estate, income-generating concept, strategy and
approach Jay presented to those stressed-out real-
estate investors had to work BETTER in a recession
like this than even in boom times.

Oh, yes.  He added one more complicating
requirement to Jay:  none of the ideas Jay shared
with the group could require a dime of investment
capital or a penny of downside risk
— other than
time — on the part of the members of his
investment group.

Well, I don’t know about you, but that’s probably
the hardest, biggest, most difficult and important
challenge I’ve ever seen anyone be given.  But
he’s a very valuable client of Jay’s.  Jay has
helped his business on and off for 20 years.  So,
Jay said “yes,” he’d do it, even thought that
challenge seemed unimaginable.

Then the real hard work began.  Jay went through
almost every lucrative, no-cost strategy, concept
and success story he or his clients and students
have engineered and achieved in the last three
recessions.  He came up with over 100.  But then
it got thorny, because Jay “ruthlessly” screened
out 58 of those concepts that (he felt) wouldn’t
perform as meaningfully in today’s unprecedented
economic downturn.

That left Jay with 42.  Although, knowing 42 no-
cost, no-risk, 100% NON-REAL ESTATE ways to
generate meaningful revenue, and stimulate
significant income streams in THIS bad market is
something quite rare and extremely desirable
information to know.

Bottom line?  Jay spent four months refining and
perfecting his tightly focused, no-nonsense, two-
hour presentation so every idea he shared, every
strategy he discussed, every concept and
recessionary income possibility he talked about
— could be used (and done) by all 60,000 real
estate investors on Jay’s client’s client list.
Certainly all wouldn’t do them — that never

But Jay carefully, painstakingly, codified (and
organized) each concept he presented; so it was
crystal-clear, totally graspable and the short-
course primer he gave them was enough for someone
to go out and try it — on their own.  Jay even
offered to personally mentor everyone listening
for three weeks for nothing — if they felt they
needed more guidance.

Jay’s presentation was a Smash Hit with his
client’s  clients.  Thousands signed up to learn
everything Jay knew about making piles of green in
a recession–and doing it in easier, safer, faster
(far less stressful) ways than real estate.

Jay took the liberty in that presentation to also
explain how each concept could be tweaked and
turned to work moneymaking miracles for existing
business owners, professionals and even start-ups,
alike — who (maybe) didn’t own real estate —
or who, sadly, already lost all the real estate
they did own.

I knew most of you can’t possibly afford to pay a
world class expert of Jay Abraham’s status the
$40,000 a day he privately charges to teach some
— let alone ALL 42 of these non-real estate,
recessionary real estate strategies to individual

But I feel strongly that you’d thoroughly benefit
from learning each and every one of the same non-
real estate strategies Jay taught to all those
beleaguered real estate investors.

So — because I always believe that my valued
subscribers deserve equal access to leading-edge
information that’s been shared with outsiders, I
went to give you this:

That’s a two-hour “deja vu” rebroadcast of the
entire session he did for those real estate
investors.  You’ll pay nothing to either me or Jay
to hear all two hours — every one of those 42

I’m not going to ask you for a penny to hear the
same two hours worth of prized ideas that earned
Jay almost $200,000, less than 6 weeks ago.  It’s
my way of giving back to my email list—investing
in you when (I believe) you need my help the most.

Jay agreed to do three re-broadcasts on a gratis
basis.  Because I know a ton of you would be so
blown away by what you heard, that you’d flock to
Jay to pay him big money in the near future to
help you personally prosper.

But I’ve only got Jay’s permission to rebroadcast
this presentation a total of three times.  It’s
two-hours long and designed to IMMEDIATELY help
real estate investors or non-real estate investors
entrepreneurs, alike.

Not one idea he shares has anything whatsoever to
do with real estate.  But again, everyone reading
this can (and should) immediately use the
strategies he details on this presentation —
including plenty of actual examples to model.

If you want to hear what earned Jay almost
$200,000 for sharing — hurry please to

to register.  I know you think it’s hype — but
when I tell you we can only get 1,000 people on
each rebroadcast, I’m being straight with you.
More important, when I tell you each one will
unquestionably fill up fast, they will.

If you’re struggling with real estate losses or
your business is really down — or your start-up
has stopped or stalled — do, please, try and get
into one of these rebroadcast calls — before
they fill up.

Find out what Jay Abraham told thousands of
beleaguered real estate investor to do right now
— outside of real estate — to put income in
their pockets and pan accounts right away.

Thomas Bartke

Brad Wozny Real Estate Syndication – Early Access Link

Brad Wozny Webinar and Early-Access Link

Hey, just a quick update on the “Six-Figure Syndication” launch. I was able to lock Brad in to doing a private, exclusive webinar with me, and provide a private backdoor, early-bird access link to his course.

That’s huge, because Brad has about 46,000 people on his list who have downloaded his Shock-And-Awe Real Estate Crisis Doctrine”. When the launch opens on Thursday it will be madness on his servers and order page. So, you can get access right now – to take your time and watch the private webinar with Brad, and get the early access link.

This is a Private Link Only!

However, I had to promise Brad not to give this link out in public on the web, so you have to be “on my list” to get the link. But guess what, it’s easy enough to get on my list! Just click this link HERE, and enter your information. It’s a “double opt-in” so make sure you use a working email address…