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Gurus Secret – Wholesale Anyone?

dragon_scroll“The secret is that there is no secret”?

I don’t think so.

On the webinar that I did last night I found out that many beginning – and even some advanced – real estate investors don’t know the secret (and I’m not talking about “The Secret” here…).

It’s really not that hard, but you need to put some effort into it
for sure – otherwise you will not be successful.

Wholesalers’ Buyer is…

Let’s face it, with the economy doing what it is, and most folks strapped for cash,
credit hard to come by, and private lenders hard to convince with no track record…

You need a way to get started WITHOUT cash, WITHOUT credit, and WITHOUT experience.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that “wholesaling” is the ticket in this case.

And yet, so many get hung up on a bunch of stuff that you don’t even need as a wholesaler.

Like fuguring out how to get a hard money loan.

Or how to raise money from private lenders.

Or how to get going with bad credit…

Here’s the deal: None of that stuff MATTERS!

What DOES matter is that you figure out who your buyers are, and what they need and want.

So, I thought about it – for you…

And I came up with this idea.

A big hickup of getting started in wholesaling is the fact that you are misguided to build “buyers lists”.

But what happens when you just do that (without figuring out WHO your buyers are first) is that you build a list of a bunch of wholesalers who are in no different position to actually “buy” anything than you are.

So – at best – you have a chain of wholesalers sending around “flex options”.

And even if they’d ever get an actual deal done (because someon by accident has an actual buyer on the hook), it would translate into a $127.85 split for each wholesaler in the chain.

Now that we know who are NOT your buyers…

So then who are your “real buyers”?

The primary buyer of wholesale deals is a rehabber.

Someone who fixes up properties in order to sell them to a retail buyer as quickly as possible.

Meet Joe Rehabber

Joe is a real person – that’s what you have to think of when you figure out who you serve as a wholesaler.

But wait…

I wonder if this would be something you’d want to know more about?

If you could ask Joe Rehabber a question about his business and about his needs so you can serve him better as a wholesaler…

…what would your most burning question be?

Maybe you would like to know how to become a rehabber yourself? That would probably be something you could find out from Joe as well…

Please engage right now and leave your question for Joe in the comment section below!



Gurus Secret to Multiple Streams of Income in Real Estate

Do you believe that there is a secret that the “gurus” know and use, but no matter
what you study and learn you just can’t figure out what it is?

And they won’t actually tell you?

Sometimes they even pull a “Kung-Fu Panda” on you, and tell you
“the secret is that there is no secret”.

How’s that for LAME?

No, seriously there is a secret.

And when I discovered it, it changed everything.

And I did discover that there is something that every successful
person does, and no guru tells you what it is.

But you absoultely need to know it and do it, otherwise
you cannot be successful.

You know, monetary results are one thing that you could
show for that.

But there is something else that is much bigger and much more
important than that.

Jim Rone said “it’s not the money that’s important, it’s
the person you need to become in order to get that money.” (I’m
paraphrasing here…)


I’ve decided to let you in on the secret.

Been thinking about it a little bit too long, and that’s why it’s
short notice – again!

This webinar call will be pure content. I will show you what
I have done, and what I do every day to be successful.

In real estate, in marketing, in getting things done…

Please post a comment below here and sign up for the
FREE webinar call this Thursday at 6PM PST…9PM EST.

Register here





Short Sales Taking Too Long? 5 Ways to Generate Cashflow

billsMost investors (and real estate agents as well) have two big problems with Short Sales.

And sometimes these problems drive them close or even past the point of giving up.

Here they are (and I got them from dozens of emails and blog comments of frustrated
short sale investors (and agents):

1. Short Sales are taking too long before they generate revenue (either commission or profit),

2. Short Sales too often fall apart (eliminating any profit or commission you were counting on…)

Ok, so besides tweaking your short sale business by filling your deal funnel and increasing the closing rate, what else can you do to bridge the revenue gap? Here are my favorite, “Top 5 Ways”:

1.  Wholesale Properties

Wholesaling properties is by far the fastest way to generate revenue quickly.

The characteristic of a wholesale deal is that you sell to a cash buyer at a discounted
price off the fair market value.

Two simple steps you need to focus on: Locate a handful of REAL cash buyers, and find
great deals according to their criteria. Great deals are everywhere.

And: Most great deals are MADE, not FOUND! Contact, talk, negotiate… (don’t
just look at lists or web sites and think the great deals will fall in your lap.)

Challenge: Make sure your buyers and sellers honor your position as wholesaler
both for the first deal and any follow-up deals! If you get this right, one successful
deal will lead to additional deals with more revenue for you. Don’t get greedy.

2. Free and Clear Deals

Free and clear deals (or “low-leverage” deals) are the kind of deals that can close
much faster than short sales. Free and clear deals can be sold to cash buyers at
a discount, to non-qualifying buyers with owner financing, or retail and outright
to qualified buyers (using the “Inverse Purchase System” works really well for
that last group!

These different exit strategies give you a lot of flexibility to time and structure
your revenue flow while you’re waiting for the big short sale pay days.

3. Land Investing

Land investing is another great and extremely underused niche. You will find that
there is a lot less competition when you venture into that area. An easy land flip
system can get you revenue within 30 days starting from scratch.

The simple steps to follow are: Market research (online), get a list (online or offline),
send out direct mail (online), make deals with land owners who respond (phone),
sell the deals (online).

None of these steps require that you see the property. Therefore, it does not matter
where you are located. To prove this point to yourself, just go through the steps in
a different state than where you live and you will see it works great. The best system
that I have used and recommend for this niche is Jack Bosch’s “Land Profit Generator
(if you can still find a copy…)

4. Funded Proposal

A “funded proposal” is a way to help fellow real estate investors getting started with
the best resources, education and support. When you set yourself up as an authority
in your niche and/or area you can build up your network of buyers, sellers, agents
and investors using online marketing and social media.

Besides good and valuable content that you provide free of charge, you can also send
recommendations to your list from time to time. These could be for services, useful tools
or information. When someone in your network buys through your recommendation,
you get paid a referral fee.

This is a very powerful stream of additional revenue. Now, don’t get me wrong, it can
take some time to build up your network and trust, but once you have that established,
you can generate revenue with the push of a few buttons.

A variation of this method that does not even require that you already have a list is
to search for valuable offers and partner with someone who has a larger list for a
share of the revenue.

5. Lead Referral

A common misconception in internet marketing is that you need to build huge lists
before you will be able to make a significant amount of revenue. Particularly in real
estate where the “transaction value” for each client can be thousands or even tens of
thousands of Dollars, it can be much more lucrative to focus on the QUALITY of the

You can do this in two ways: More specifically target your potential clients according
to their needs and wants, and develop your relationship more deeply. That way you
can generate high quality leads that you can refer to your network of professionals
and investors for a fee.

Sometimes real estate agents will tell you that they are not allowed to pay a “referral fee”
to someone who is not licensed. However, every agent spends significant amounts of
money on their own marketing and lead generating efforts. If you provide leads you
can get paid a “marketing fee”, and most agents will understand the difference.

This can be a great option for you if you want to focus on a specific niche for your
own investing, but keep getting leads that you can’t or don’t want to work with.

Summarizing these different ways of generating fast and steady revenue in your real
estate investing business, we need to point out that almost every revenue strategy
will work best for you when you understand how to set up your network so that you
provide real value to others.

The more people you have in your network and on your team who will benefit when
you generate revenue (either by making money or in some other way), the more and
easier will it be for you to have revenue come to you.

Please engage with this subject by leaving your comments, questions  or suggestions
below! That’s one great way of building your network and get noticed by other likeminded

7 Deadly Wholesaling Sins

I found this great video just browsing around and I wanted to share it with you. You can also check out Eric’s blog – I recommend that you do!

We have some great new things in store for you, and will be adding a lot of wholesale community features, and teach you how to build your network by running a successful real estate blog web site.
So, stay tuned and subscribe to our RSS feed or email newsletter for updates. This will be huge!


There are some powerful exercises in this video right around the 20 minute mark!

Real Estate Wholesale Sabotage

Top 7 Reasons Why People Don’t Make Money in Real Estate

#7 Not sure how to structure the deal (lack of education)

#6 Don’t know how to find a buyer (selling)

#5 Paying too much (negotiation skills)

#4 Not sure how much to offer (market knowledge, repair estimates)

#3 Not taking action

#2 Not studying the courses you bought

#1 Not certain it will work for you/you can do it

I created this image of the “cycle” after watching a video with Tony Robbins explaining why people don’t succeed. It may surprise you that the main reason why you don’t succeed lies WITHIN YOU! The Green square, “Belief”, is what starts the cycle in your mind.

If you believe you can do it – to the point of Absolute Certainty – you will apply a specific success method to its full potential.

You will take maximum action that is very efficient – NOT because of what’s in the specific method or application (or course), but because of what YOU know is in YOU to apply the method and be successful with it.

You will then AUTOMATICALLY get good to great results from the action you take, and that in turn will reenforce your belief – your certainty that this works, that YOU can make it work.

Unfortunately, the cycle also works the other way.

If you don’t belief – with absolute certainty – that YOU can succeed with this method, or business, or course; if you question the method’s potential and just go ahead and “try” to see if it might work, or if you are expecting proof first…

Then the actions that you might take will be hesitant, uncertain or even insincere. You will be like the sales man knocking on a bunch of doors saying “You don’t want this widget, do you?”

In turn your results will be mediocre at best, probably rather poor. And they will reenforce your belief that this won’t work, that it’s a scam, and that you were right being skeptical.

So, what is it going to be for you – sabotage or break-through success?