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Tag: "banking scam"

Short Sale Killer: Elimination Beats Short Sales…

The Big Short Sale Lie

The short sale business model has long been touted as one of the best ways to make money in this housing foreclosure crisis.

What the gurus won’t tell you is the true numbers behind that business model.

That’s a big reason why so many beginning real estate investors fail with short sales!

  • It’s a lot of work (whether you outsource it or not, it’s still A LOT of work…)
  • Many more short sales don’t work out than the ones that do
  • It’s NOT easy to pre-select them and work only on the ones that will work
  • Banks and lenders are changing the rules every other week, tripping you up on promising deals at the last minute
  • You need A LOT of potential deals to make A FEW of them work out (they call that “a numbers game”, but hey, roulette is a numbers game too, right?)
  • Lenders make you feel like you’re doing something wrong even though you are the one providing a solution to their problem
  • Big Money scams and government being in cahoots with banks makes the whole business model ludicrous and frustrating

…and on and on!

What To Do If Your Short Sales Don’t Work For You?

In the following section I wil give you links to educate you about MERS, the scam of mortgage processing and administration.

I will show you a way that will help you beat back the system, not only for yourself, but for your clients as well.

And make great money in real estate when you fly under the Short Sale Radar to beat the system.

First, the most important link is this: – watch the testimonial video and sign up so you get access to free webinars and reports about how to eliminate mortgages quickly and legally.

Supporting files and documentation:

Read up on what the mortgage industry is talking about (“Strategic Defaults“)

Why lenders are afraid of “Forensic Audits“?

Scary for MERS: Enforcability of Securitized Mortgages

MERS legal cases: This is really bad for the banks!

And here is the info on the solution for you:

Leave your comments and opinions below andmake a difference today!