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Tag: "flipping houses"

HUD Waives 90-Day Seasoning

It has been kind of expected among real estate and mortgage professionals. Today came the official announcement from the HUD office.

As of 2/1/10, FHA buyers can buy properties that have been owned by the seller for less than 90 days.

Of course, there are some strings and conditions attached. Watch this video for details…


Release text

PDF of detailed conditions

What do you think about the impact of this temporary waiver? Engage and leave your comment below!

Wholesaling Houses – Part 1

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How to Wholesale Houses – by Michael Jake

Here’s a how to video on the simple steps to wholesaling houses. You can wholesale houses, wholesale real estate of all kinds using the same simple steps. Even if you are looking to flip a property retail, like in Flip This House, you still need to find a good deal. Here’s how…Enjoy!