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Tag: "foreclosure"

Short Sale Discounts Growing

The discounts that banks and lenders are taking on short sales is rising. At least that is what the latest data from the LPS Home Price Index seems to indicate.

Since April 2007, when short sale discounts averaged only 10% while bank owned foreclosures sold for 19 percent discounts, the short sale discounts have jumped to 23% while foreclosures are now selling for a 29% discount.

These numbers are nationwide averages so it will be necessary to research your local markets. However, it appears that short sales have become a more rewarding target for both investors and retail buyers. The difference in discounts can often be easily outweighed by higher repair costs on foreclosed properties who are frequently vacant for an extended time or even vandalized, while short sale properties may be found in much better condition.

Where do you  find the best deals in your local market? Leave a comment below!

Predicted Foreclosure Tsunami Still At Large

The new wave of foreclosures, termed yet again as a “foreclosure tsunami”, and predicted by many major analysts for the past 6 months or so still has not arrived in the overall real estate market.

The WSJ cited data released by LPS Applied Analytics and CoreLogic, which shows that the waters are still relatively calm.

Home repossessions nationwide are at about the same levels of last year, and still below the peak set in 2010.

In many markets, the turn-around time of bank repossessions coming back to market and sale as REO inventory is surprisingly short, sometimes as little as four to eight weeks go by between the foreclosure auction and re-listing.

Overall, the scare and scarcity tactics of the media seem to benefit active buyers at this point.

What are you observing in your own market? Leave a comment below!


Shocking Short Sale Reports – Investors Turn

Student Housing Doug FathInvestors are turning away from short sales in droves as new reports of scary legal tactics come to light.

Many investors who have dealt in short sales over the past three to four years have unknowingly exposed themselves to prosecution as former home owners wake up to their old lenders garnishing their wages.

Of course they blame the investor who did not disclose that risk to them.

In the meantime, others are finding their investments save and cash flowing well.

Doug Fath, for example, a 28-year old real estate multi-millionaire, has made his imprint in a completely different niche, that is considered by most as one of the “scariest markets” in real estate.

After revealing what that niche is and how he has profitted from his investments, literally hundreds of comments poured in to his web site, asking for the  “secret code” to be revealed.

Doug’s “secret niche” has the potential for immediate revenue streams, as well as long term wealth building features, as market analysis reveals strong demand and stable values in this market for years to come.

In fact, it is Doug’s long term market analysis which is based on demographics and specific needs of large groups of the population that has led Doug Fath to this profitable real estate niche in the first place.

Find out more and watch Doug’s free videos, and see the hundreds of comments that were left on his web site.

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HUD Waives 90-Day Seasoning

It has been kind of expected among real estate and mortgage professionals. Today came the official announcement from the HUD office.

As of 2/1/10, FHA buyers can buy properties that have been owned by the seller for less than 90 days.

Of course, there are some strings and conditions attached. Watch this video for details…


Release text

PDF of detailed conditions

What do you think about the impact of this temporary waiver? Engage and leave your comment below!

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