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Does Hooked on Overages Work?

This follow-up video answers the top 2 questions about unclaimed overages.

As it is getting harder to pull off instant profits from real estate investing, many investors and real estate professionals have turned to other real estate related niches like loan modification, or debt negotiation to supplement cash flow and revenue.

A surprise winner in this area is the “Unclaimed Overages” business model. And the best thing is it is definitely one of the last undiscovered niches that can generate low to mid 5-figure profits per transaction.

Plus, you don’t ever need to talk with a seller, a bank, or a buyer…how is that for an extension of “no tenants, no toilets”?

So, the most burning questions focus on the claimants (the owners of the unclaimed overages): How to find them and how to get them to let you have a large chunk of their claim. Watch this video for some answers:

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Hidden Profits Left Behind by Foreclosures and Tax Sales

Would you like to know how to profit by making people Happy?

Now, that’s a twist in the real estate investing business, particularly in this market!

Well, it can be done – if you discover the tens of thousands of Dollars in hidden profits that are left behind by foreclosure and tax lien sales. Watch this video for my own insider story…

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Most Result Getting Land Profit Generator Bonus Ever

This must be the bonus with the most result-getting effect and value you have ever seen!

Many promoters these days offer additional information packages that may or may not be useful to the main program.

You’ve heard of additional free consulting bonuses.

In the MLM industry it’s pretty common to offer a number of “leads” from more or less targeted sources.

But this one is a first in real estate investing.

100 names and addresses of owners of vacant land in a proven hot area.

In fact, these leads were collected in the exact same way that made Jack Bosch, the creator of the Land Profit Generator system, $150,000 in profits from only 100 such leads.

That’s how targeted and hot this particular list is!

And you get 100 of these leads FREE and exclusive (meaning ONLY YOU get these specific leads) as a bonus to your copy of the Land Profit Generator.

Of course, this bonus is very limited indeed. And may be taken away at any time.

So this is truly a “fast-action” incentive.

But think about it – if you could even do only 10% of the deals that Jack did on this list, this bonus alone will put $15,000 of profits in your pocket.

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How To Become a Short Sale Syndication Expert

How to Become a 6-Figure Short Sale Syndication Expert and dominate
your market with less effort and more success.

I’m excited today!

Because I am taking the steps to allow you to become
part of my Short Sale Syndication Business model.

But first, let m tell you about our block party…

Last night we had our annual
block party on the street where
we live.

We all went – my wife, Nancy,
and our children (the younger
5 came with us, the 2 oldest
joined us for dinner…)

And we met old neighbors, and
the newest neighbors and their
pets and children…we got a lot
more new phone numbers for our
babysitter base!

One of the first people we talked
to was Linda, the local real estate

She lives on our street, too.

So I asked Linda about short sales.

And like MOST agents I ever talk to
about short sales, she said:

“Oh, I generally try to stay away
from them, because they are hard on
the buyers and on myself, and they
rarely ever close.”


Among the many different niches that you could focus on in real estate,
short sales are one of the hottest niches today.

Banks desperately need short sale syndicators to avoid
having to take back even more homes in foreclosure.

So what does a short sale syndicator do?

A short sale syndicator has the knowledge and vision to
put together several different people who – together – can
process an extended pipeline of short sale deals.

Syndication means you set up a system for multiple
use of the same type of deal.

In this example of a short sale syndication business,
the key component that the syndicator might bring
to the table is the precise knowledge of how to
structure the deal, legally and ethically, so that
these results will occur:

  • High acceptance ratio of short sale offers
  • Most if not all accepted deals are being re-sold immediately for a profit
  • Dedicated and specialized individuals are recruited for the different tasks in a short sale
  • Deal finders (agents and investors) keep the deal funnel filled
  • Selling agents list and locate end buyers
  • Top notch negotiators get the deals accepted
  • Transactional Funding source is always available to close deals

All the short sale syndicator needs to do is setup and monitor this team
and system structure.

This can be done locally or in any market you wish to enter.

Where do you come in?

Leave a comment on this blog post and engage in the conversation!
Then watch my blog post in the next few days carefully, and
I will show you how you can get involved.

This is for licensed agents and mortgage brokers, as well as
beginning and experienced investors as well!

In the meantime – If you like to learn more about
6-Figure Syndication concepts, click here <== LINK!

Leave your comment below now!

Top 5 Must-Dos in Real Estate Market Research

Have you been wondering why it seems hard to sell properties in a slow or down market?

Maybe you have not updated your market research to include this Top 5 List of Market Research Must-Dos.

This Top 5 List applies to any market, and any type of real estate investing.

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growth of your business…

** How to get clear and focus only on the most
results-oriented activities…

** How you can connect to a network of proven
50/50 investment partners who do deals with you
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** And FINALLY… how to avoid the 8 common
mistakes that cause 92% of investors to fail…

Top 5 Must-Dos in Real Estate Market Research

Top 1: Find out which market segment is selling more and faster than others.

This can apply to a certain neighborhood, a specific price range, a specific size and type of home, and a specific condition of the home. You can find out this information from your agent and/or title company.

Top 2: Find out what type of buyers are active in that market segment.

In many markets FHA buyers are covering a certain price range and type of properties. If that is the case, pay close attention to the condition of these properties, and the price ratio between FHA buyers and other properties on the market, particularly bank owned listings! If you want to focus on flipping deals to rehabbers, find out which properties were cash transactions or closed with non-traditional financing.

Top 3: Take a closer look at the sold comps of only the last 3 months.

If you see a declining tendency in this time frame, make room for further price drops in your offers. Older comparables are more likely to be out of date and should not be considered.

Top 4: Compare inventory levels and emphasize active listings in your overall analysis.

If inventory levels are rising, you can expect longer marketing times and possibly lower selling prices. You can predict inventory levels by considering your foreclosure filings. If you have a large increase of trustee sales in the specific area, inventories will likely go up by a similar ratio, after a certain lead time (about 2 months).

Top 5: Make sure you are aware of any outside influences that may be important.

At times, your area may be affected by certain government or other programs that have been announced, or are going to expire. These programs, like the “First Time Home Buyers Credit” taht is currently in effect can strongly influence buying behaviour – sometimes only in specific market segments.

Having a list like this is very important and can also be used to estimate “BPO’s” for short sales etc. Always do your homework, and you will be able to leverage this competitive market insight to your or your clients’ advantage.

Please let me know if you have anything to add to this list, or if you have any question or opinion about this list! – Just leave me a comment!